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 If you, a child or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, there is a lot of important information to digest and you will no doubt be making many updates to your daily life.  At Dancing for Diabetes, as part of our mission, we support those with Type 1 Diabetes to live active and healthy lifestyles.  At its core, proper type 1 diabetes management is composed of a handful of elements: blood glucose control and insulin management, exercise, nutrition and support.  Knowing first-hand the intricacies of living with Type 1 Diabetes, the team at Dancing for Diabetes has created the D BOX – a FREE starter kit providing important resources and supportive materials to help those we serve – thrive with diabetes.   


Our work is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and community partners.  Thank you to those who have donated items be included in our popular D Boxes: Diabetes Research Institute,  A Tad Too Sweet,  DexcomGlucose Revival, Arden’s Day Juicebox Podcast, OmnipodStay Put Medical, Genteel, Sugar Medical, TrialNet, InPen, Novo Nordisk , Diabetes Connection, Tandem Diabetes Care and Xeris. 

If you are interested to support, please contact: Michelle@dancing4diabetes.com.

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**At this time, the D-Box is only shipping across the U.S.A.

**At this time, the D-Box is only shipping across the U.S.A.