Kids & Teens with Diabetes Dance Program

The Kids & Teens with Diabetes Dance Program is a series of free dance classes for youth with diabetes which fosters creativity, self-expression and physical activity. The program is free for youth with diabetes. The fall class takes place every Saturday in the fall. The class leads up to a final performance in the 17th annual Dancing for Diabetes show!

The mission of Dancing for Diabetes is to spread awareness through the art of dance to better educate the community, raise funds to find a cure and inspire those with diabetes to live healthy and active lives.

Featured Kids & Teens

Isabella Shah

Luana Vaders Burke

Tiana Thornton

Mikayla Arceneaux

Claire Camchong

Lily Gibb

Zoe Reeser

Mia Rahal

Alexis West

Sadie Windish

Lilly Weston

Ashley Katz

Lindsey Vigneri

The Kids With Diabetes Dance Program works to engage children
in a healthy lifestyle here is how we do it


Our volunteers teach dance skills and choreography.


Friendships and bonds are created each week. Be with those that understand you.


We encourage, educate and support our children through dance and friendship.

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