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Misdiagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes

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Why We Are Dancing for Diabetes

A Day in the Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Dancing for Diabetes: 15 Years

Growing Up with Diabetes

2014 Awareness Video

Understanding Diabetes

2014: This Is Diabetes

“Honey In My Blood"

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Family Members With Diabetes

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Dancing For Diabetes -Beyond Type 1 (Read)

Seventeen years ago, Elizabeth Stein decided her Type 1 diagnosis was not going to control her. Inspired by dance classes, she created Dancing for Diabetes.

This Year’s Lisa Award Recipients (Read)

This Year’s Lisa Award Recipients, A Ball Player, an ‘Un’-Advocate, a Dancer, and One ‘Beyond’ Belief.

Amazing Advocate Expands ‘Dancing For Diabetes’(Read)

Along with their annual year-end show, the org now offers free dance classes for T1D kids and teens, year-round activities for families, and most recently launched a new Touched By Type 1 conference focused on women’s issues in diabetes.


Living with an invisible disease is challenging.

If you were just diagnosed with diabetes or have been living with it for years, the resources below are intended to assist you, when you need them.

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