Our Mission

The mission of Dancing for Diabetes is to spread awareness through the art of dance to better educate the community, raise funds to find a cure, and inspire those with diabetes to live healthy and active lives.

Due to the generous and loyal support of the community and those directly involved, Dancing for Diabetes continues to grow and fulfill its mission.

Together we fight against diabetes through fundraising and awareness.

Our History

Originally formed in 2000 through a neighborhood fundraiser, Dancing for Diabetes continues to serve the Central Florida community by raising awareness and funds to put an end to diabetes.
Dancing for Diabetes holds an annual benefit show in Orlando, Florida. Award winning and nationally recognized performers create an evening of entertainment and hope; they are champions throughout the performing arts community as well as in the hearts of those affected by diabetes.
Until a cure is found, Dancing for Diabetes is passionately committed to the fight against diabetes.

it only takes one

Our Founder: Elizabeth Forrest

Elizabeth Forrest was diagnosed with TYPE 1 Diabetes at 10 years of age.  As a student in Holley Ricker’s dance class at Millennium Middle School in Sanford, Florida starting a nonprofit organization was not something she’d thought about doing before, but neither was being diagnosed with Diabetes.  After her diagnosis, she was driven by a determination to not let diabetes negatively impact her life and inspired to found Dancing for Diabetes as a way to bring attention to the stories of over 1.5 million Americans who are living with TYPE 1 Diabetes, to offer support to those who have been diagnosed and to raise funds to find a cure.

What started as a community fundraiser organized by a middle school student and small group of trusted advisers, has blossomed into a full scale theatrical production involving hundreds of local dancers and community supporters.  Celebrating 18 years of impacting Type 1 Diabetes through dance, Dancing for Diabetes has grown from a middle school auditorium to filling Orlando’s Bob Carr Theater –  and is well considered one of Orlando’s premiere charity entertainment events of the year.

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Board of Directors

  • David Katz – Katz & Phillips PA
  • Elizabeth Forrest – Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners
  • Ellen Devine
  • James Phillips – Katz & Phillips PA
  • Jay Dimoff – LUX Marketing
  • Jeffrey Forrest – Winter Park Construction
  • Jennifer Stein – Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando
  • Jonathan Snyder – Snyder’s Landscapes
  • Marelize Dingman – Dalliance
  • Maria Marthe – Maria D. Marthe, CPA
  • Michael Garlich – Garlich Consulting
  • Michelle Shah – SASS Accounting Services
  • Risa Katz
  • Shana Windish – Metrostudy